About Us

Waste Revolution and Reborntec’s founder and President is a renowned business leader and philanthropist within the community. The president has over 20 years of experience in the electronics retail industry, providing exceptional customer service and bringing the latest in consumer electronics technology to the marketplace. Born from these principles, as well as the knowledge gained over the 20 years, eWaste Center was established in 2005 and is recognized as a leader in the electronic waste recycling industry. Continuing in the same philosophy in its commitment to protect the environment while catering to its clients’ needs, Waste Revolution and Reborntec was founded in 2009. It is Waste Revolution/Reborntec’s vision to provide a “greener world” by manufacturing and distributing products that are beneficial to the environment. These products help reduce carbon footprint as well as reduce or eliminate hazardous materials from entering the landfill. The founder is devoted to efforts around the world in reducing carbon footprint and the depletion of natural resources and the environment by providing the recycling industry with the highest quality products along with unprecedented customer service. IT is in our best interest to help protect the future for the following generations by providing innovative technology.

Our History

  • 1976 Cosmos Electronics Retail Opens
  • 1984 Cosmos Rowland Height Branch Opens
  • 1995 Cosmos Wireless Opens
  • 1999 Cosmos Digital Opens
  • 2002 Ascension System Opens
  • 2004 eWaste Center Inc Opens
  • 2008 EWC Group Inc Seattle Opens
  • 2010 RebornTec Korea Opens


eWaste Center, Inc. (Headquarters)

Los Angeles, California
5788 Smithway Street
Commerce, CA 90040
P 323-837-9950     F 323-837-9957

EWC Group, Inc.
(1st North American Distributor)

Seattle, Washington
410 Andover Park East
Tukwila, WA 98188
P 206-767-9950     F 206-767-0661

RebornTec, Inc. (Distributor in Asia)

Seoul, Korea
106-1 GuJangRi PalDalMyun
HwaSungCity, KungKiDo, Korea
P 82-31-298-8300
F 82-31-359-9528