Do not compromise the destruction of your data by subcontracting these services or transporting the data offsite for destruction. Waste Revolution provides a cost effective solution for secure on-site data destruction with the company’s introduction of the “E-Nihilator” series ENP-1, the only portable asset management system you will ever need.

Standard Features

  • Special saw tooth and hook cutters with new technology allows for demagnetization of the blades
  • Dual forward and reverse motion
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Constructed for minimal energy consumption
  • Small construction allows for convenient usage in any area
  • Minimal noise output from shredding
  • Assembled for portability
  • Built in counters allow for easy tracking of shredded volume
  • Capable of destroying hard drives, CD/DVD, tapes, and other electronic data storage units

Safety Features

  • Power control secured with key locking mechanism prevents misuse by any unauthorized personnel
  • Access to the storage bin secured with a lock which keeps the shredded material safe from possible theft
  • Emergency shut off switch allows for immediate stoppage of the machine
  • Key access to front panel access prevents tampering of the machine

Hardware Specification

  • 24.92”W x 37.79” L x 43.31”H ( 633mm x 960mm x 1100mm)
  • 726 LBS
  • 5.91” x 5.91”
  • Up to 250 hard drives per hour
  • 3HP, 3φ (3 phase circuit )
  • 220V x 60Hz


eWaste Center, Inc. (Headquarters)

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EWC Group, Inc.
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RebornTec, Inc. (Distributor in Asia)

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